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Wednesday 26 June 2013 at 02:06 am.

Insomnia is a common sleeping disorder that can happen due to many reasons including the age factor, stressful situations in personal life and at work, physical and psychological diseases, etc. There exist multiple sleeping pills that were manufactured to overcome insomnia whether for a short or long term but it is a mistake that all these sleepers work sin the same way and are equally effective. It is better to choose the best from the best meds that will be able to make you sleep longer, being fresh and full of energy in the morning and also making you free from drowsiness and sleepiness during the next day.

One of the most efficacious and well-known preparations used to treat insomnia is Zolpidem. If to compare Zolpidem vs Ambien one will certainly recommend using Ambien as one of the oldest and the most tested preparations. However, more affordable Zolpidem price and other multiple advantages make this sleeper a good alternative to most popular and expensive sleeping pills existing in the market. Further you will find one of Zolpidem reviews disclosing the properties of this effective cure against insomnia.

Zolpidem as the panacea for insomniacs

Being based on the active ingredient Zolpidem Ambien was a prescription only medication for treating insomnia. Right now all U.S. insomniacs can order cheap Zolpidem online without a prescription at low cost due to the legal distribution offered by the web pharmacies.

One should bear in mind that Zolpidem is referred to hypnotics and sedatives. The main advantage of cheap Zolpidem is an absence of serious side effects and the risk of the addiction development since Zolpidem is classified as one of benzodiazepines. Being designed for the short term therapy this sleeper agent works perfectly by reducing the physical reasons preventing a person from having normal sleep patterns.

Zolpidem pills identifier and strengths

The manufacturer of the brand authentic Zolpidem Sanofi Aventis produces this preparation in such packs: 5mg or 10mg bars depending on the strength of the active ingredient in each pill.

Zolpidem 5mg pills look like small round tabs of pink color with the imprint “5401”. You can easily recognize Zolpidem 10mg bars looking like white round pills imprinted with “5421”.

Uses of Zolpidem no prescription pills

Being known as the efficacious short-term therapy for treating insomnia Ambien including Zolpidem can also be recommended as the panacea for curing the so-called onset insomnia characterized as the trouble falling asleep. In this case Zolpidem no prescription bars can be applied for the long-term basis especially if it is taken in reduced doses.

Zolpidem as a sleeping pill can help to cope with the major symptoms of insomnia (decreased abnormal sleep patterns and reduced sleep longevity):

  • troubles dealing with falling asleep;
  • frequent awakenings within a night and troubles to continue sleep after these awakenings;
  • waking up too early
  • the lack of energy and sleepiness during daily hours.

There exist few types of insomnia Zolpidem without a prescription drug can help to overcome:

  1. Acute insomnia (Zolpidem is applied as a short-term therapy)
  2. Transient insomnia (chaotic combination of abnormal and normal sleep disorders)
  3. Chronic insomnia.

Cheap Zolpidem dosing and administration

Zolpidem side effects can be reduced to minimum of the dosage is adjusted correctly and the medication is taken in a proper way. There are few rules to follow when choosing the Zolpidem dosage since this medication can cause unpleasant overdose symptoms.

Middle-aged adults can start from taking one Zolpidem 10mg bar at bedtime having the ability to sleep 8 hours in a row. For some people who have been already taken other sleeping pills the initial dose of 5mg taken once per day can be more appropriate. For the elderly patients who have troubles with falling asleep the average daily dose is 5mg of Zolpidem. For treating chorionic insomnia when there are troubles with staying asleep this dose can be increased to 10mg per day.

Children younger than 18 years should not apply Zolpidem no prescription tablets. Pregnant women and breast-feeding mothers have to consult a doctor before using Zolpidem.

Zolpidem no prescription pills’ advantages:

  • Zolpidem was approved as the less addictive medication comparing to other well-known sleeping pills like Ambien or benzos;
  • Unlikely to most sleeping pills you can buy Zolpidem online if you suffer from both common symptoms of insomnia – inabilities to fall asleep and stay asleep. This drug works during 6 hours making an insomniac forget about awakenings and nightmares during healthy night sleep;
  • Zolpidem no prescription drug starts to work within an hour after taking and that is an excellent result with such short half-life;
  • equally approved for short and long term usage depending on the insomnia type;
  • Zolpidem causes mild day-after hangover;
  • the extremely low risk of tolerance since it stays effective during the whole course of therapy;
  • in 90% of all cases Zolpidem helps to cope with insomnia for good, without the necessity to repeat the therapy after few months;
  • Zolpidem stimulates the natural sleep patterns and doesn’t break them.

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